Gulfstream Falcons

CITIES registered breeder


 Bob Creese & Hazel Creese   UK


Gulfstream Falcons specialise in producing hunting falcons for the Arab falconer. Our breeding falcons are taken from the best available proven stock and are producing excellent young falcons each summer. These are made fit for the chase in our Hack Pens. We produce pure Gyr falcons, specialising in pure Islandus Gyrs. Also Gyr hybrids of 3 types; with Peregrine (Peales), Saker and Lanner falcons.

Gulfstream female pure Gyrs - 2015

Ultra x Greenland female Gyr ‘16

Pure Gyr male - from our best black genes

  Gulfstream breeding farm is based in the east of England - North of London 50 mins by train or 2 hours driving.

‘Renaissance’pure Gyr daughter 09.11.14

87.5% Gyr/Peregrine hybrid female

 Ultra x Greenland female Gyr ‘16

87.5% Gyr/Peregrine hybrid male

93.75% Gyr/Lanner hybrid male      This hybrid wins cars.

Pure Gyr Icelandic and Ultra x Greenland females

‘Annika’ pure Islandus breeding female Gyr

'Gunnar' Site Meter

Gyr male - Islandus - ‘Gunnar’

Gyr female - pure islandus - 1.8 kgs ‘Draga’

All our young falcons are raised in family groups by their parents. They are then placed in large Hack pens where they quickly become strong and capable flyers